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The Night Route

Posted on: 22 Jul 2013

Because Athens never sleeps.

The view from Mount Lycabettus is even more magical once the sun goes down. The day fades into night, and the lights of the city slowly turn on, silently illuminating the city which never sleeps. Anyone passing through Athens at night can feel that the city’s energy never seems to pause.

Plaka, Gazi, Psirri, Plateai Aghias Irinis, and any other place in the city is a place to pause and enjoy, for a few minutes or for the rest of the evening, into the night.

Next, we will reach the Mikrolimano, following the coast to the largest port in Greece. One stop for seafood appetizers and ouzo proves that Pireaus is not just a gateway to the islands, but a destination in its own right, with its own unique style.

The next stop depends on you—the options are endless.