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There is a value of transaction which is priceless in Business- in any kind of Business field. And we do not refer just to monetary transactions. Time is the most important capital for every business executive; and in his/her everyday professional life, he/she time is always in short supply.

For us at Experience Taxi, this is our first criterion; to maximize the value of the time needed for a transfer.

Every trip is different according to the client. For some, it is an opportunity to take a relaxing pause. For others, it is the possibility to continue working intensively. For someone else, it may mean gaining time through the speed of the transfer, or minimizing distance.

With respect to our business clients, we offer them our services with the utmost punctuality and discretion, in a civilized environment. We also offer Wi-Fi on board, payment by credit card, and we focus on time demands. Moreover, we undertake conventioners and firm visitors’ entertainment, archeological tours, food or entertainment recommendations. If necessary, we offer the possibility of transportation with larger vehicles (vans, buses, etc.).